Mekru Bekele Ministry International

Dear Brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Greeting in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Giving all Glory to God, It is my great pleasure to unknowns’ birth of the newly established ministry.  My wife Mentewab and I have felt the call yet again, as we continue to Pastor Emmanuel, to expand the kingdom work here in the US and Ethiopia, with the new ministry called Destiny Ministry international.

A study shows that the second largest growing evangelical revival is in Ethiopia. (The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins) Other recent studies also show, 4000 Churches started every year in the country We are answering God's call for the need of short-term (6 weeks) training for leaders who are on the mission leading the revival. 

Our objective statement is enclosed. I also invite you to visit the ministry’s new website we appreciate your prayer and support God’s blessings for you. Looking forward to hearing from you...

Yours in His service

Rev. Mekru Bekele



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